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FRITZ!Box 7490

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Complete high-speed home networking

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FRITZ!Box 7490

Complete high-speed home networking

Take advantage of spectacular wireless speeds and dramatic increases in range with new, ultra fast Wireless AC. Discover the top model for Internet, telephony, and multimedia.

Internet for every connection

The 7490 gets your home network running at top speed, regardless of whether you have an ADSL or VDSL connection. Thanks to cutting-edge hardware, Wireless AC, gigabit LAN, and USB 3.0, you can enjoy lightning-fast connectivity and make progress bars a thing of the past.

A new dimension in Wireless LAN

Not only does new Wireless AC boast a considerably larger range, but it’s also three times faster than existing standards. The choice of two wireless frequencies allows you to optimally incorporate all your devices: from tablets and laptops through to smartphones, everything is connected at top speed.

The ultimate in convenient telephony

You can connect all your phones to the FRITZ!Box 7490 and stay informed of calls and voice messages, even when you’re not at home. Multiple answering machines and a fax function give you even more convenience.

  • VDSL or ADSL line
  • All-IP, analog or ISDN landline
  • 4 x gigabit Ethernet, WAN via LAN 1 port
  • Wireless AC with up to 1300 Mbit/s
  • Wireless N with up to 450 Mbit/s
  • 2 USB 3.0 ports for printers and storage media
  • DECT base station for up to six handsets
  • ISDN S₀ bus for ISDN telephones or ISDN telephone system
  • 2 a/b ports for analog telephones, answering machines and fax


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The AVM Fritz!Box 7490 is a very clever telecommunication device. It's a high-end 802.11ac router, with all the typical features you would expect, such as dual-band wireless, Gigabit Ethernet ports for wired connections, a firewall, DHCP server and so on.
There are four Ethernet ports at the back. If you have a cable internet connection, the Fritz!Box 7490 works with it perfectly well, with one of the Ethernet ports being taken up by connection to the cable modem. That leaves just three, so if you use a lot of wired devices, you'll need an additional network switch.

There's also the DSL socket, two sockets for analogue phones, one for a fax, and two USB 3 ports.On the top are two hardware buttons, for WPS and for pairing it with a DECT cordless phone. The 7490 sits flat but can be mounted vertically. According to theory, with internal antennae you can get faster wireless speeds from a vertically mounted router.
For some home users, these features might not be hugely appealing, especially considering that many people primarily use a mobile phone rather than a landline. But in a small-to-medium business environment, using a single device for three crucial aspects of business communication is much tidier and simpler than having three separate pieces of hardware do the same job. And it can also work out less expensive.

The design and branding of AVM's routers is as unique as the feature list. No other router we know of sports a daring red-and-silver chassis, and the name, Fritz, and its associated exclamation mark goes against all established convention. This only helps it stand out though, especially since so many other routers opt for a fingerprint-attracting glossy black design.

AVM's integration of so many functions into a single unit is unrivalled by other router manufacturers. The telephony features work brilliantly, the software is great, and the whole package is a solid, professional networking product.

With some time spent configuring the 7490, you can do some clever things with it. Call forwarding to another Fritz!Box across the internet is entirely possible, so you can answer landline calls even when you're in another country.

The software works great as well. We particularly like the way AVM treats software support, regularly adding new features to its routers, as long as the hardware allows it.